Safety Precautions & Protocols

As a valued guest of Island Retreat Spa and Salon, we appreciate your loyalty and the trust you place in us. Recognizing the ongoing and increased uncertainty that coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing around the world, our highest priority is the health and wellbeing of our guests and staff. With that in mind we wanted to update you on the actions we have taken in response to the outbreak.

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Cancellation Policy &
Booking Flexibility

  • We understand flexibility is key during uncertain times and that’s why we’re adjusting our cancellation policies. Our standard 24-hour cancellation window has been shortened to 12-hour window to accommodate the late onset of symptoms. We kindly ask that you communicate with us with as much time as is necessary to adjust our schedule.

    Exclusions apply for Weddings & Group Bookings with prepaid/nonrefundable policies in place. Dates may be rescheduled once without a second deposit. If dates are rescheduled more than once, a second deposit may be necessary.

    In this very fluid environment, we continue to monitor the situation and will revisit this policy as needed.

During your Visit

  • For your peace of mind

    Rest assured our standard cleaning routines are very thorough; however, during this time, we have increased our efforts throughout the day. These actions include, but are not limited to, cleaning and disinfecting hard surfaces and frequently touched items in treatment rooms and throughout the public spaces of the building. We’re providing hand sanitizer stations at front desk, in our treatment rooms and tranquility room. We are also ensuring our staff and guests are monitored for fevers regularly by taking temperatures at the beginning of each shift and when guests enter our facility.  It’s also important to note that our cleaning materials and supplies meet or exceed industry standards.

  • Details

    The focus on cleanliness and sanitation is imperative to our daily operation and has always been a top priority for facility.  These additional measures will work to help ensure we continue to provide a safe environment for our guests.

Our Commitment

  • Our standards

    In accordance with the International Spa Association’s standards, Island Retreat Spa has committed the following to our guests:

    - Keeping the well-being of our staff and guests as our top priority
    - Offering personal protective equipment as requeired by law to protect staff and guests
    - Mindful and visible handwashing (both staff and guests)
    - Practicing physical distancing in non-treatment spaces
    - Staying home when ill (both staff and guests: see also cancellation policy above)
    - Verbal and visual greetings without touch
    - Visible and transparent promotion of sanitation and hygiene efforts.

    The number one reason worldwide people visit spas is to manage stress. Given the stress of the current situation, we are committed to providing you with a space to simply relax and invest in your overall health and well-being under this new set of social norms that have been placed upon us.

Salon & Spa Guest


    Out of respect to our staff and other guests, we are requesting all clients to wear masks upon entering the building. Desk Staff will be wearing masks, and therapists will be masked during treatments and if 6ft distancing cannot be maintained.  If you do not have a mask, we will have a limited number of masks available to purchase.

    Clients will be asked to wear their masks while shopping our spa boutique, while receiving nail services and during hair salon services. Clients will not be required to wear masks during massage/body treatments, facials, or during wellness classes.

    When you arrive for your treatment, please sanitize or wash your hands. Due to building capacity restrictions and 6ft social distancing regulations, you may be asked to wait outside on the front porch until your service time begins. Please do not bring anyone with you to your spa appointment who does not also have a spa appointment.

    Please maintain 6ft distance from other guests at the spa at all times.

    Please do not come to your appointment with any signs of illness or severe allergies causing coughing, sneezing, runny nose or eyes, fever, or GI upset. If you arrive with symptoms, you will be turned away and your card will be charged a missed service fee of 100% of the service price. Our standard 24-hour Cancellation Policy will be reduced to 12 hours to accommodate the possibility of late-onset symptoms. One may cancel as late as 12 hours prior to service without penalty, but please be considerate and only do so for medical or emergency reasons. Services cancelled in under 12 hours will be billed the full amount. No exceptions.

    Guests will only be offered bottled waters and packaged snacks will continue to be available for guest enjoyment. Champagne service will temporarily be suspended until further notice.


    Due to the BHI Ferry’s limited capacity of 75 persons, transportation to/from the island for our staff may be made more difficult than usual. If our staff arrive later than intended, causing appointment delays, please show us patience and understanding as we work to adjust the schedule. We hope not to have difficulty with the Ferry but do anticipate that it is a possibility.

Wellness Classes Update

  • The NC Phase 2 safer-at-home order prohibits yoga studios/fitness centers/gyms from reopening. However, outdoor fitness is permitted following group gathering guidelines of 25 or fewer persons in outdoor spaces. Island Retreat will have regular Beach Yoga, Deck Yoga, Deck Barre and Virtual Yoga, Barre & Pilates classes available via Livestream on or around June 1st. Please look carefully at the new pricing options for these classes. Once studio classes resume, there will be pricing changes for in-studio vs. outdoor vs. virtual classes.

Our Thanks

  • In Health & Wellness

    Our appreciation for your support runs deep, and to those of you who have purchased gift cards and products or who have written us notes to extend your well wishes during our Pandemic closure, we cannot thank you enough! This disease may have left its deadly imprint on our lives in many ways – but if we gain nothing more from it than humility, humanity and resilience, then we are grateful to have had this time.


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